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Bringing you the brightest solutions for your comfort

EzHomz’s intelligent home technology sets the mood for different occasions with a single touch. Whether you’re looking to create a romantic atmosphere or want to have a party, we have you covered. This premium home system will create the best mood by working with your lighting designer, architect and interior designer. To wind down after a long day, tap on the "Relax" mode on the interface to dim the lights and launch mellow music.


Making your devices converse to bring you the perfect haven for relaxation

The easy-to-use interface and superlative design would bring together the control of all devices in your home to your fingertips. Access lighting controls, music and video through all your devices. Not only does it reduce hassles it is also energy efficient and unique, since it is customised just for your needs.


Creating the movie going experience into the comfort of your home

EzHomz is an award-winning home technology company that excels in designing and installation of bespoke home cinema and media rooms. We create multiple cinema seating, automated curtains and lighting, and movie servers that can store your entire DVD/Bluray collection.

To enjoy your home theatre, which is acoustically and visually calibrated for your family’s needs, just recline in your comfortable seating and grab the popcorn and wine.


When your home is transformed into a concert hall

EzHomz’s sound system is for those who love music. Whether you love rock or Indian classical, the customised sound system will give you the sensation of watching maestros performing live inside your home. With smart living, get ready for a home that will change into whatever you want it to be.


Because comfort and experiences shouldn’t be confined to spaces

This feature is for the music aficionado. With multiroom audio you can play music in every room; after all your passions shouldn’t be confined to spaces. With great sync between rooms you’ll experience the same sound quality everywhere.

With multiroom video feature you can take along your videos, cinema library to any room in the house, including your bathroom. Your entertainment is no longer confined to a single room.


For seamless service in your smart home

A perfect smart home is incomplete without synchronicity, which is possible only with a high speed home data network. From temperature control to lighting, the best result is possible only with a high speed network.

We are dedicated towards providing a seamless video and audio experience, which will be available 24/7. From 4K video content to streaming music or accessing the video library, everything is possible only with the best data network, which we can provide.


Because your beautiful home needs aesthetic solutions

EzHomz customises technology design to complement your interior design. It uses creative ways to create a home network that works flawlessly and is invisible to the naked eye. Your audio and visual devices will be installed such that they fit your home design and becomes a part of the whole.