About us



We are a team of dedicated professional designers of home technology. Ambition is one of the cardinal pillars on which we base our success. We ensure that only the best processes and products enter your home. Quality is not something we aspire to but who we are.


At Ezhomz our installation and management teams are given their own personal control systems which enables them to experience and understand them from an end user perspective. We also regularly participate in industry and supplier training.


We have been recognised for our work, winning awards for high standards and ingenuity.


We design all of our systems to be as easy to operate as making a call on a mobile phone and provide training sessions to ensure clients get the best out of their system. In addition to our bespoke ‘quick-start user guide’ which includes all the manuals and guarantee, we are available on the phone as required.


A Smart Home That Thinks About You

Smart home systems offer you ultimate features that bring together your lighting, heating & cooling, security, shades and gate entrance devices. By using your own iPad and iPhone, or custom in-wall touchscreen devices, you can control all aspects of your house from a central point. Technology integration systems at home have many names; home automation, smart home or even the Internet of Things. But we found the best way to describe it:



Ezhomz offers a much larger range of services than nearly all of our competitors and as such provide a single solution that covers every aspect of home automation. This enables us to speed up and streamline the delivery of your project and remove any frustration with maintaining your system.


Ezhomz offer a full and comprehensive consultancy service. As an independent installer with extensive experience we guide clients through the process of designing a system that suits their needs, whilst ensuring that they are robust and fit for purpose. The consultancy service provides a full specification that is ready for tender.


Our design team are able to interpret a brief and deliver a design which meets and exceeds expectations. Having built years of experience in our sector our ability to solve complex problems is exceptional.


Not only can we create leading designs, our in-house installation team are on-hand to ensure the delivered project is as impressive as the initial draft. We know from experience that the best-laid plans are often tested with external factors and our team have the ability to overcome any hurdles and ensure we complete the task in hand.


Ezhomz issue warranties and offer support and maintenance agreements with every system installed.

We design the system to be as easy to operate as making a call on a mobile phone, but also provide training sessions to ensure our clients are getting the best out of the system. A bespoke ‘quick-start user guide’ is compiled, which includes all the manuals and guarantees. Maintenance agreements are also offered which include individual visits to ensure essential cleaning and software updates are carried out on a regular basis. This prolongs the life and enjoyment of the systems.

We believe it is out level of aftercare which is the main contributor to our enviable level of customer retention rates and referrals