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We automate home for convenience

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We automate home for convenience

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Welcome we are Ezhomz

Smart living solutions for creating intelligent homes that give you comfort, fun and security

We are a lifestyle company with 8 years of experience in designing and installing home technology to ensure your comfort, safety and convenience. EzHomz has delivered more than 500 homes that are engaging, relaxing and equipped with the latest technology. Our expert team has integrated all your gadgets and made it easy-to-use with single touch. We will take care of your entertainment, lighting and connectivity needs. We are leading the way in home technology trade shows with products and training for audio, video, control, security, networking and other solutions.

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We understand the needs of our clients and design systems which are easy and enjoyable to use. Our aim is to create user friendly systems which are tailored to your needs and you are proud to demonstrate to anyone who comes to your home in the future.

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Ezhomz offer a full and comprehensive consultancy service. As an independent installer with extensive experience we guide clients through the process of designing a system that suits their needs, whilst ensuring that they are robust and fit for purpose. The consultancy service provides a full specification that is ready for tender.

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